Custom Home
July 13, 2020

Baird Graham built our dream home. When we went into escrow on our home it was almost six months out from an estimated completion date (and no kitchen yet), not to mention we were in the middle of a cross country move to Nashville from San Diego…but we loved the vision Baird had for the house and his track record of building beautiful homes. We put a lot of trust in Baird and his team, and they delivered a house that is so beautiful and perfect in so many ways. Despite being 2,000+ miles away, he maintained amazing communication with us throughout the process, sending us pictures, videos and doing numerous calls, allowing us to participate in the process. He has such amazing attention to detail and quality, there are so many instances where Baird put in the extra work and time to make sure everything was right and looked great in the house. After we closed, Baird continued to check in to be sure everything was working right, and we were happy. We are so thankful for the BGC building us our dream home and tremendous support they showed us along the way and after.